Our History

History traces the opening of the Birchwood Inn to around 1775. Although in operation around that time, the present brick structure was probably built around 1800. The present barns were added in 1848
and the total inn has remained in very much the same form since that time. 

Two centuries have watched "The Old Hotel" entertain many an over-night guest, Henry David Thoreau among them. In addition to the Tavern, dining and guest room operations, the Inn has housed the Temple Post Office,a small General Store, the Town Meeting Hall, and an Antique Shop. Among one of our most treasured features is the Rufus Porter room - which has four walls painted by this itinerant artist during the early 1800's. He was a brilliant man - a "Renaissance Man", if you will, who traveled from place to place exchanging his art for room and board. He was the founder of Scientific American and the holder of many patents. We are honored to have one of the remaining murals, discovered under two layers of wall paper in 1971, and touched up sometime after that. We are also said to be a little haunted, ask about our ghosts when you come and see us!