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Our History

History traces the opening of the Birchwood Inn to around 1775. Although in operation around that time, the present brick structure was probably built around 1800. The present barns were added in 1848
and the total inn has remained in very much the same form since that time. 

Two centuries have watched "The Old Hotel" entertain many an over-night guest, Henry David Thoreau among them. In addition to the of our tavern area, and took it down to the original post and beam construction. Over many years the beams and a beautiful brick wall had been covered over with lathe and plaster, so we were thrilled they were still there, and we uncovered them. Our bar top was donated by a customer - he lost a cherry tree in the ice storm of 2008 that had been planked and was sitting in his barn - that has now been transformed into a beautiful live edge bar. 

Weekend Market
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